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Anthrozoology: The Study of Human-Animal Relationships


ANZO 1600: Animals & Humans in Society

ANZO 3600: Zoos: The Past, Present, & Future of Animals in Captivity


ANZO 2600: Animals for Sport & Entertainment

ANZO 4980Anthrozoology Capstone: This course offers you the opportunity to work with the instructor and design your own learning experience. (for Certificate students)

For course information details on the Certificate in Anthrozoology, click here.

Welcome to Anthrozoology! Are you interested in learning more about the significance of animals in our lives?  The University of Windsor is the only university in Canada offering programs in human-animal interactions! If you’re interested in studying Anthrozoology, you can now get a certificate (8 courses) or a minor (6 courses), in addition to your major.  

Our goal in developing academic programming in this is field is to encourage students to think critically about humans’ relationships with animals, and to encourage and facilitate ongoing interactions discussion, debate, and interest in this topic.

Two courses being offered this fall are Animals & Humans in Society and The Canine Impact: Evolution of the Dog-Human Relationship. Click here to see some of the courses we offer.

What is Anthrozoology?

The field of anthrozoology is an exciting, rapidly growing field of scientific inquiry focusing on humans’ individual and collective relationships with, and attitudes toward, animals. Widely interdisciplinary, anthroozologists study a range of areas, such as pet-keeping, farming, animal research, conservation, zoos, animals in sports, vegetarianism, companion animals, and others.

Similarly, scholars who consider themselves to be anthrozoologists come from diverse backgrounds and include biologists, ethologists, psychologists, historians, sociologists, veterinarians, sociologists, zoologists, philosophers, educators, and liberal arts specialists.

For a comprehensive overview of the anthrozoology research field, please visit the International Society of Anthrozoology. You will find a wealth of academic information, including upcoming and past conferences, research awards, and updates in the field.