Student Food Event Policy

University of Windsor Food Event Policy For Ratified Student Groups (only) for Fundraising Purposes (only) and Welcome Week/Welcome Month Special Events.

Any event offering food and/or beverages must be booked through Catering Services.  Contact Catering & Conference Services at ext. 3276/3277, Rana Chan or Jodie Brown-Tyler

U of W Food & Catering Services is the sole authorized provider of food to the University campus. In the event that Catering Services is not able to meet the food requirements for an event, the Catering Services team will work with the event organizer to make the necessary arrangements including but not limited to securing an external caterer compliant with WECHU food safety requirements.

Outdoor BBQ Event Booking Regulations

For all events:  any group wishing to book outdoor space with or without food/beverage must get approval from Catering Services (ext. 3276 or 3277, Rana Chan or Jodie Brown-Tyler to reserve the space.  With regard to Welcome Week Events, this is done AFTER submitting a Welcome Week/Month Event Proposal Form and after receiving approval of the Event Proposal from the Welcome Week Committee.  Catering Services will check with Facility Services to ensure that there are no outdoor projects taking place at that time or that no landscaping/underground cabling/water systems will be disturbed by the event and/or its equipment setup.

When booking space under canopy of CAW Student Centre without food, contact Mary Kuznik-Matos (CAWSC), ext 3235 or email

Options and Procedures for BBQ Events (Note that BBQs are the only self-operated food events allowed, including during Welcome Week).  All other food events must be fully catered by Catering Services:

  1.  Self Operated:
    1. Contact Catering Services to determine if space is available. For Welcome Week this is done AFTER Event Proposal has been accepted.. For all other fundraising BBQs throughout the year, this must be done BEFORE the group advertises the event. If space is available, we will tentatively book it for you.
    2. Contact the Windsor Essex County Health Unit (519-258-2146).
    3. Fill out all necessary forms from the Health Unit, submit to Health Unit and receive permit if approved.
    4. Bring the Health Unit permit to Catering Services Office and if all is in order the space booking will be confirmed.
    5. You are responsible for all aspects of running the event, including setup, serving, cleanup and proper safe food handling per the Health Unit regulations for proper refrigeration, cooking methods, food storage and clean running water for sanitizing hands and cooking utensils.
    6. Catering Services will not supply any food, staff or equipment.


  2. Catering Services Menu or special Welcome Week Food Menu.  Custom packages and student pricing available.  Contact Catering at ext. 3276 or 3277.