Catering Booking Policy for Downtown Facilities

This policy outlines the specifics for Catering Services for Pitt/Ferry, The Armouries, Freedom Way and Bus Depot Buildings located Downtown Windsor. The following ensures that the building will be available to the entire campus community while safeguarding the building and its activities.

Booking Space

  • Classrooms - Contact Registrar's Office Ext. 3300
  • Room 400 Pitt/Ferry - Contact Catering Services Ext. 3276, 3277
  • Common Areas (lobbies, outdoor areas) - Contact Catering Services Ext. 3276, 3277

Other Considerations

Catering Services is the exclusive food & beverage provider for:

  1. Any event using Room 400 Pitt/Ferry entirely or in part for events.
  2. Any event, in the building, requiring wait staff and or bar staff.
  3. Any event in and around the Performance Hall located in the Armouries.
  4. Any academic and/or research conference with 30 or more attendees.

Booking for Room 400 Pitt/Ferry

  1. All University departments can book facilities in the Pitt/Ferry Building.
  2. Facilities can be booked by non-university parties only with an affiliation with the University of Windsor community.