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Eric Parker

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Felicia Bleary

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Jai Priyadarshi

Bring our classroom into your workplace!

Our students are educated in the latest industry practices, technology, and trends that will keep your organization on point. Our students are your competitive advantage.

#HireUWindsor for:

  • New Ideas
  • Fresh Perspectives
  • Affordable Employment Solutions
  • Potential to Build your Future Workforce


  • Host workshops, information sessions or hiring events
  • Post and manage job opportunities online
  • Review current applications
  • Take advantages of on-campus interview facilities
  • Partner for recruitment events and fairs
  • Hold an industry skills workshop
  • Partner for research opportunities
  • Participate in an industry panel
  • Host workplace tours and job shadowing

Build Your Brand on Campus

Partner with UWindsor to become an employer of choice, influence your future workforce and connect with top-talent. Our Employer Engagement Team will work with you to create a customized event that will showcase your organization to students and alumni on campus.

"Valient TMS makes an investment in the local community by training future leaders. UWindsor is a long-standing, trusted partner in sourcing quality talent."

Mike Van Nie
Senior HR Manager
Valient Corporation

UWindsor Talent is growing everyday. Faculty and students are doing exciting things in and out of the classroom. Experience it for yourself. Connect with us to LINK to Career-Ready Talent in many ways.

Field Placement: Intensive, hands-on practical experience in a field of study that is flexibly structured.

Applied Research: Students and industry working together to investigate a specific, real-world issue.

Student Abroad: International study for work opportunities.

Community Service Learning: Part of a course, or on their own initiative student working experience in a not-for-profit organization.

Co-operative Education: Co-operative education alternates terms of paid, full-time work in a specific program. UWindsor offers co-op programs in:

  • Engineering (civil, electrical, environmental, mechanical, industrial)
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Physics
  • Kinesiology

Research Project: Investigation by students to produce a original contribution.

Lab: Application of concepts in a laboratory or field setting.

Practicum: Professional capabilities are developed in a work setting, under the supervision of an experienced registered or licensed professional.

  • Nursing
  • Social Work
  • Education

Internship: Internships vary across program and discipline, offering motivated students and graudates the experience to put their skills to work.

  • Master of Applied Computing

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Your Link to Career-Ready Talent  #HireUWindsor

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