Research Safety Committee

The Research Safety Committee functions as the Institution's:

  1. Biohazard Safety Committee
  2. Radiation Safety Committee
  3. Laboratory Safety Committee

The Research Safety Committee is advisory to the Vice President of Research and Innovation, and in collaboration with the Chemical Control Centre has the responsibility of establishing and enforcing the University's Research Safety Programs. These programs encompass the procedures for ordering, usage, handling, monitoring, storage, training and disposal of radioactive (X-ray and Lasers included), biological and chemical materials.

The Committee works in conjunction with the Chemical Control Centre to formulate and enforce the policies necessary to ensure the University is in compliance with guidelines and regulations outlined by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), Health Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), The Ministry of Environment, and all applicable Federal, Provincial and municipal legislation.  

The goal of the Research Safety Committee is to develop policies and procedures that ensure safe research and teaching practices involving radioactive, biological and chemical materials.  It also aims to ensure such policies and procedures are followed across campus to protect faculty, staff, students, and the environment from potential exposures and accidents. These goals are managed through personnel qualification training, control of occupational and public exposures, and by planning for unusual situations.

Research Safety Committee Members

Current Membership – 2022


Executive Members

Dr. Ken Drouillard (Acting Chair until July 1, 2022) 
Interim-Chair, Professor
Great Lakes Institute of Research

Dr. Matthew Krause (Acting Chair as of July 1, 2022) 
Kinesiology, Human Kinetics 

Dr. Lisa Porter
Vice-Chair (Radiation), Professor
Biological Sciences

Dr. John Hudson 
Vice-Chair (Biosafety), Chair of Animal Care Committee 
Biological Sciences

Dr. Siyaram Pandey
Chemistry & Biochemistry


Ex-Officio Members

Team Leader (Acting Biosafety/Radiation/Laser/X-Ray Safety Officer)
The Chemical Control Centre

Ms. Heather Pratt
Director of Research Services
Office of Research and Innovation Services

Ms. Sherri Menard
Environmental Health and Safety Manager (Senior Biosafety/Radiation/Laser/X-Ray Safety Officer)
Health and Safety

Dr. Scott Martyn
Chair of the Research Ethics Board 
Human Kinetics 

Ms. Corinne Allsop 
Minutes Taker / Research Safety Coordinator (Non-Voting) 
Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation 



Dr. Steven Rehse
Associate Professor / Department Head 

Andrew Jenner
Manager of Technical Support
Faculty of Engineering

Ms. Tina Suntres
Innovation Administration Coordinator 
Office of Research and Innovation Services

Dr. Christopher Abeare
Psychology, FAHSS 

Dr. Anthony Bain 
Kinesiology, Human Kinetics 

Dr. Vesselina Roussinova 
Mechanical and Automotive Materials Engineering 

Dr. Kara Smith  
Associate Dean 

Ms. Cayla Wood
Student Representative
Graduate Student of Human Kinetics

Mr. Stuart Castillo
Student Representative
Graduate Student of Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Dr. Dorota Lubanska
Adjunct Professor
Biological Sciences

Ms. Harmony Peach 
Office of Research Ethics 

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