The Safe Disposal of Appliances Containing Ozone Depleting Refrigerants

The University has identified several incidences of non-compliance with the safe disposal of appliances containing ozone depleting refrigerants such as refrigerators freezers and air conditioners.

The disposal of appliances containing ozone depleting refrigerants must be controlled due to the following:

  1. Many of these appliances have a latching door mechanism which poses a potential health and safety concern for an individual to become trapped inside.
  2. Compliance with The Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA1999), The Ozone depleting Substances Regulation (SOR/99-7) and The Provincial Ozone Depleting Substances Regulation (O.Reg. 463/10).

When disposing an appliance containing ozone depleting refrigerants please contact Maintenance Dispatch at extension 2850 or email with a work request.

Do NOT move the item out of a secure area into a non-secure area such a hallway or loading dock.

Maintenance will arrange for the pick of the item and ensure it is properly disposed.

If you have any further health and safety or environmental concerns regarding the disposal of ozone depleting refrigerants please direct any queries to Maintenance Dispatch at extension 2850 or e-mail or the Chemical Control Centre at extension 3519 or e-mail

Contact the Chemical Control Centre

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