Batteries & Cellphones

University of Windsor joins nationwide Call2Recycle program to recycle used batteries and cellphones

Participation in North America’s most comprehensive battery recycling program augments environmental sustainability efforts

In efforts to be an environmentally responsible organization, the University of Windsor has joined Call2Recycle®, the only no-cost battery and cellphone collection program in North America. By conveniently recycling used batteries and old cellphones through Call2Recycle, the University of Windsor is demonstrating its commitment to the environment by adopting green business practices.

Do not send through campus mail, find a drop off location on campus (below) or call ext. 3519 for off-campus pick-up.

Location of Battery & Cellphone Collection Boxes on Campus

  • Biology Building: Stock Room 316
  • Cashiers' Office: Chrysler Hall North, 1st Floor
  • CAW: Centre Main Lobby at the Information Desk
  • CEI: Main Floor Lobby
  • Chemical Control Centre: Essex Hall Room B37
  • Chrysler Hall Tower: Human Resources Room 500
  • GLIER: Mail Room
  • HK: Main Lobby
  • IT Services: Main Floor next to the Help Desk
  • Leddy Library: Main Floor next to the printers
  • Odette School of Business: Room 301 
  • Print Shop: Chrysler Hall Tower Room 01

Please call ext. 3519 when containers are full.  The Chemical Control Centre collects full containers and provides replacements. 


Call2Recycle is the only no-cost battery and cellphone collection program in North America. Since 1996, Call2Recycle has diverted over 35 million kilograms of batteries and cellphones from the solid waste stream and established a network of 30,000 collection sites throughout the U.S. and Canada. It is the first program of its kind to receive the Responsible Recycling Practices Standard (R2) certification.  Founded in 1994, Call2Recycle is a non-profit organization.

For more information, visit Call2Recycle on FacebookTwitter or Wikipedia.

Contact the Chemical Control Centre

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Chemical Control Centre
 B37 Essex Hall
Phone: (519) 253-3000 ext. 3523
Fax: (519) 973-7013