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This web-based training provides basic information on a wide-range of topics, including safe work practices, operational guidelines, and radiation surveys. All radioisotope users must successfully complete this on-line training program. It supplements laboratory-based training that is provided and documented by permit holders.

Curriculum Covered

This course is divided into two major sections:

  1. Radiation and the Environment (Introduction to Radiation)
  2. Laboratory Radiation Safety
    • Part A: Introduction
    • Part B: Time, Distance & Shielding
    • Part C: Personal Protective Equipment
    • Part D: Preparing your work area
    • Part E: Safe work practices
    • Part F: Cleaning up your work area
    • Part G: Contamination Surveys
    • Part H: Smear Wipe Surveys
    • Part I: Radiation Surveys
    • Part J: Spills


Successful completion of this training program requires the successful completion of individual module quizzes and a final exam. The final exam covers the entire material presented; therefore, it cannot be taken until you have successfully completed each of the modules. You must score 80% in all quizzes and the final exam to successfully complete the course.

Computer Requirements

This course can be taken from either a PC or MAC. Minimum requirements are:

  • An internet connection
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
  • Macromedia Flash Player Plug-In
  • Speakers to hear the audio

Training Program

Training Validation (Restricted Access)

Additional Training Resources

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