Board of Governors chair celebrates long association with University

Martin Girash, a three-time graduate of the University of Windsor (BSc 1965, MA 1968, PhD 1973), attributes his career success to the foundation he developed during his studies here.

While his roles have changed – from a student to an alum, a sessional instructor and a member of its Board of Governors, taking over as chair November 23, 2011 – he has been associated with the University for more than 50 years.

He says his professors encouraged him to develop a “cohesive philosophy of life” which guided him in making decisions through his professional career.

“That is something the University of Windsor provides for its students,” Dr. Girash says. “That is really the best one can say about education.”

Girash retired in 2007 as president of Windsor Regional Hospital, where he oversaw the integration of two recently merged Windsor hospitals, the completion of program transfers, the construction and redevelopment of the hospital’s restructuring and the development of workplace wellness and patient partnership cultures. In his earlier career, he served as a psychologist and executive director of the Windsor Regional Children’s Mental Health Centre.

He heads the Board of Governors during a time when the University is launching several exciting initiatives, including the opening of the Centre of Engineering Innovation and the development of several downtown campus sites.

He sees his role as enabling the board to function well as a group.

“The authority of any board derives from the fact that it is an assembly,” says Girash. “The group brings different perspectives together to enrich the decisions guiding the institution. That richness of diversity is its strength and its challenge.”

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