Researcher seeking subjects for study into boosting memory and health

Interested in boosting your memory and health?

Anne Baird, associate professor of psychology, is conducting a free workshop offering information and skills aimed at those who seek to maintain or improve good memory function and health in the second half of work life and in retirement. The workshop is part of her research study, funded by a University of Windsor internal grant.

People 50 and up are likely to get the most out of this program, says Dr. Baird. Please telephone or e-mail her for more details and a telephone screening to see if you qualify: 519-253-3000, ext. 2234, Voicemail and e-mail message will be returned in 72 hours.

Those who qualify and enroll in the study will come to the Psychological Services and Research Centre at 336 Sunset Avenue for one-hour individual pre- and post-workshop sessions on January 28 and March 10. All workshop sessions will be on Saturdays -- February 4, February 11, and March 3 -- from 9:30 a.m. to 1 pm.

Participants will receive $6 at the pre-workshop session. Those who complete all sessions will receive an additional $24 at the post-workshop session, as well as handouts and refreshments during sessions.

This research program has received clearance from the University of Windsor Research Ethics Board.

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