Film documents drama of epic change in India

The International Student Centre International Wednesdays documentary series presents a screening of Myth and Might, the opening episode in the CBC series India Reborn, February 8 at noon in the centre on the second floor of Laurier Hall.

India Reborn DVD coverIn India, a new superpower is emerging amid the collision of the ancient and the modern. This panoramic documentary captures the drama of epic change in the world’s largest democracy.

Explore India’s rich tapestry of myth — from the flames of the ancient cremation pyres on the Ganges to the unforgettable spectacle of Navratri festival’s tens of thousands of dancers. Experience the force of India’s might — in the mountain jungles where a war for the country’s future is being fought, to the concrete streets of the capital where millions demand justice from their government.

Full of dazzling spectacle and unforgettable characters, Myth and Might is a feast for the senses and a harbinger of change for the West. Learn more on the series Web site. International Wednesdays screenings are free and open to the public.