Lancer track athletes step up to pitch in

Faster, higher and stronger are no problem, but how about cleaner? About three dozen members of the Lancer track and field teams took on a new challenge Friday: litter.

The student-athletes donned rubber gloves, grabbed trash bags, and spread out across campus to clean the grounds.

“We want to show people a different side of the Lancers,” said education major Nicole Sassine, a co-captain of the women’s team. “We’re not just athletes; we give back to the community.”

Kelsi Mayne, a nursing student and Sassine’s co-captain, said the project is a good fit for their team.

“We want to help Windsor project an image of pride,” she said. “We can be equally proud of our school as we are of athletics.”

The two had been planning a community involvement project since the beginning of the school year, but found between schoolwork, practice and competitions, it was hard to find time.

“Now that our season is over, we can focus on these initiatives,” said Sassine. “We work very well as a team and believe we can make a difference.”

The squad is also organizing a drive to donate canned goods to a local food bank.

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