Move to CAW Student Centre planned for University Bookstore

Plans to relocate the University Bookstore to the lower level of the CAW Student Centre are taking shape following the signing of a formal agreement among the University administration, the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance and the Organization of Part-time University Students on Monday.

Space formerly occupied by the Thirsty Scholar will accommodate a large retail book outlet and student café space to create an overall shopping experience.

“The space is convenient and is in an ideal location to provide one-stop services for our students,” says UWindsor president Alan Wildeman. “Administration worked very closely with the UWSA and OPUS to consider the needs of our campus community and will soon begin detailed planning work to envision how the new bookstore will look.”

Outgoing UWSA president André Capaldi says an inviting café space for students to gather, read and relax is an ideal addition to the CAW Student Centre.

“Book sales and a coffee house atmosphere is a great combination for our students – an oasis where they can meet their friends, study and share some downtime – it’s a terrific plan for the space,” Capaldi says. “The success of a project such as this is strongly tied to the outstanding working relationship the UWSA and OPUS has with the University administration.”

The University, UWSA and OPUS have also signed a renewal of the CAW Student Centre management agreement, extending student management of the centre until April 2015.  The spirit of the agreement is intended to empower students to use the centre to complement the activities of the University by assisting in making the student experience worthwhile and enjoyable from a social and personal perspective.

Under the agreement, the student groups are charged with fostering social and cultural interaction in the centre by creating an environment for groups of people with varied backgrounds and viewpoints as well as affording an opportunity for members of like-minded groups to meet and interact.