Parking Services provides accommodations for Lot F permit holders

Parking Services has identified temporary accommodations for permit holders displaced by the construction of the parking structure on the site of the former Lot F, south of Wyandotte Street between Sunset and California avenues.

E-mail notifications sent to those permit holders last week assigned them spots starting today in either:

  • the lot south of Assumption University, which has been leased for the duration of the construction; or
  • a temporary lot on the footprint of the now-demolished Cody Hall.

Both lots are accessible from Huron Church Road by Lot F permit holders using their existing gate access cards and rear view mirror hang tags, although individuals are required to park only in their assigned lots.

All permanent patrons of Lot F will be assigned to the parking garage at the corner of Sunset and Wyandotte street once its construction has been completed, at which point the Cody Hall site will be converted to green space and the Assumption lot will revert to control of Assumption University.

In the interim, the Assumption lot will operate as a pay-and-display lot on weekends. From 6 p.m. Fridays through Sunday, the gates will lift to allow patrons access. Permit holders assigned to the lot will be allowed free access through weekends as well.

The completed parking garage will reflect a focus on security and sustainability, says Anna Kirby, executive director of Campus Services. Its open-concept design minimizes visual barriers and incorporates such additional features as bicycle parking and electrical charge stations.