Display at library entrance promotes myUWindsor app

A display in the Leddy Library this month will help alert students to the benefits of the myUWindsor app, available for download to iPhone, Blackberry or Android smart devices.

The app puts course information, exam schedules, directed messaging and more right in the palms of users’ hands, says John Powell, director of web communications.

“It’s accessible at any time, wherever you are,” he says.

Information Technology Services developed the app and launched it in May. So far, more than 7,200 users have downloaded it.

Renée Bombardier, who designed the large-scale display for the library’s lobby, says her concept was to highlight the icons most important to student users, including social media, fee payment, and test times functions. The materials in the display can be re-used when it is disassembled in October.

Alisa Giroux-Soulliere, social media coordinator in the office of Public Affairs and Communications, praises the display as dynamic.

“It has as much wow factor as the myUWindsor app itself,” she says. “The display reflects the excellent work of the programmers who created this tool for our students.”

In addition to graphics representing the user experience, the display incorporates a QR code so students can point and click to download.