Centre for Engineering Innovation opening: labs today, classrooms next week

Let the learning begin.

Engineering students will enter their new home today, as labs open for undergraduate instruction.

“It is a wonderful occasion for our students and faculty,” says dean of engineering Mehrdad Saif. “This new facility will set a new standard for the technical sophistication of teaching and learning for any university in Canada.”

Most classrooms will start accommodating lectures September 24; the state-of-the-art instructional technology consoles are already installed. The registrar’s office will contact instructors individually to provide details of their new classroom assignments.
Other elements will be ready for occupancy later this semester, including:

  • the 350-seat learning forum;
  • the graduate student lab on the third floor;
  • offices for faculty and administrators;
  • the café providing food service.

Furniture for public spaces, including the atrium, is not scheduled to arrive until October.

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