Documentary series to screen wordless film

The International Wednesdays documentary series presents Baraka on Wednesday, October 31, at noon in the International Student Centre on the second floor of Laurier Hall.

This 1992 film by director Ron Fricke has no actors and no script—in fact, no words at all. Instead, it is filled with dramatic images of nature, religious ritual, oppressive city life and war, filmed in more than 150 locations across 24 countries.

While the film contains no narration or dialogue, it nonetheless contains a clear three-act story. Act 1 depicts scenes of natural wonder and religious rituals. In Act 2 the movie shifts direction as a Brazilian rainforest tree is razed, an enormous strip mine scars the landscape, cities grow and take on a mechanical breathing sound. The result is overpopulation, poverty, prostitution and ultimately genocide. Act 3 presents redemption as civilizations collapse under their own weight and people return to nature.

International Wednesdays screenings are free and open to the public.