Last chance to qualify for United Way prize draw

The campus campaign for the United Way will close its 2012 effort January 16; UWindsor employees who make a donation before then may qualify for a prize draw.

Faculty and staff who pledge a minimum of $52—just $2 per pay period—by that date will be entered into a draw for the following prizes:

Contributions are tax-deductible; UWindsor employees can make them painless through payroll deduction, having a set amount deducted from each pay cheque.

The community-wide United Way drive set a 2012 fundraising target of $5.1 million. UWindsor faculty and staff have consistently contributed about $100,000 a year to that total over the last few years, said John McGinlay, a member of the campus campaign organizing committee.

Contact your canvasser for more information or to submit your pledge form, or visit the United Way webpage.