Alcohol education team hoping to pre-empt St Patrick’s Day revelry

The Student Alcohol Education Team wants to make sure that UWindsor students have a memorable St. Patrick’s Day, but in a positive sense.

“It’s St. Patrick’s Day! Of course we want people to go out and have fun. We just don’t want anyone waking up the next morning regretting his or her decisions, or even worse—not waking up at all,” says alcohol education coordinator Nevin Macleod. “Luckily, this has never happened at UWindsor, but it has at other schools. We just want to remind people to make smart choices and look out for one another.”

Members of the team will circulate around the campus on Thursday, March 14, to hand out St. Patrick’s Day-themed giveaways and ballots to win Dr. Dre Solo Beat headphones to students who complete the e-CHUG Challenge, which Macleod describes as “a pretty cool tool to learn about your drinking patterns.”

To find the team during its campus circuit, follow hints on Twitter, @UWindsorSAEC, and Facebook, Don’t Be That Guy / Don’t Be That Girl