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New grade scale to commence with fall semester

As of Fall 2013, the University will issue only numeric grades on a scale of 0-100, in accordance with a policy adopted by Senate in 2011.

Instructors are to submit whole numbers expressed as percentages to grade all coursework, beginning September 1, 2013, advises the University Secretariat.

For those disciplines where grading is more subjective and assigning a specific numeric grade may be difficult, instructors have the ability to state on their course outline that grades will be issued in intervals of five percentage points—for example, grades will be issued only as 95%, 90%, 85%, etc. Instructors wishing to obtain advice and explore further options for grading using the numeric scale are encouraged to contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Grades assigned before the Fall 2013 term will remain on student transcripts as letter grades; the formula used for the calculation of averages pre-Fall 2013 will apply to those grades.

Click here for mock transcripts for a student that graduated pre-Fall 2013, a student under both grading systems, and a student starting in Fall 2013.