notebook and pen combination Student Katherine Vrantsidis won this fetching notebook and pen combination in Monday’s DailyNews quiz contest.

Answers add up for contest-winning math major

Katherine Vrantsidis, a math and stats major entering her second year of study, won Monday’s DailyNews quiz contest and the prize combination of a spiral-bound notebook with matching pen, both bearing the UWindsor logo.

Her entry was drawn from all those which correctly identified these years as the first graduating class in each program: Bachelor of Arts and Science 2007, Bachelor of Fine Arts – Acting 1972, Certificate in Labour Studies 1981, Master of Business Administration 1965, and Master of Science in Computer Science 1991.

To help celebrate the University of Windsor’s 50th anniversary, DailyNews will run a contest at the beginning of each week, offering a prize donated by the University Boookstore. Today’s prize, a notebook and pen combo imprinted with the UWindsor logo, is available for purchase from the Bookstore kiosk in the CAW Student Centre at a cost of $6.99.

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