Brendan Burger and his mother Michele with piles of luggageFirst-year engineering student Brendan Burger and his mother Michele, a two-time UWindsor grad, prepare his belongings for the move into Laurier Hall.

Students take up residence in their homes away from home

Michele Burger is glad her son Brendan will be living on the engineering floor as he takes up residence in Laurier Hall.

“It will give him a chance to make friends and find out what university is all about,” says the UWindsor grad, a teacher at Comber’s Centennial Central Public School.

Brendan Burger was one of about 1,000 students to move in to campus residences on Sunday to kick off Windsor Welcome Week. He says he concentrated on bringing things to make him feel at home—including a blanket crocheted for the occasion by his 86-year-old grandmother.

Liberal arts major Claudio Montanaro set music as his number one priority, packing CDs, stereo equipment, both acoustic and electric guitars, and an amplifier.

“He has been ready for a while,” says his mother, Kelly Montanaro.

And Matthew Harwood, a first-year criminology student moving into Laurier Hall, says he is “a little excited and a little nervous” to be starting university.

“I am excited to be meeting all the new people and being on my own for the first time,” Hardwood says. “And I’m nervous about the same things.”

Sandra Davis, manager of Residence Life, says the Sunday’s move went smoothly, thanks to about 50 “amazing” volunteers, who checked students into their residences, provided directions to newcomers, and hauled gear up into their rooms.

Windsor Welcome Week continues today with students embarking on scavenger hunts and an Amazing Race-style competition, culminating in food and games at the WWW Beach Party.

Wednesday’s activities include mandatory academic orientation sessions for new students in every program, and the Welcoming Celebration at 3 p.m. in the St. Denis Centre, featuring a draw for a $3,000 tuition voucher, sponsored by the University of Windsor Alumni Association.

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Volunteers help haul student belongings to their new on-campus residence rooms Sunday.