Mike Bates, Richard Peddie and Alan WildemanAlumni Association president Mike Bates, guest speaker Richard Peddie and UWindsor presient Alan Wildeman don scarves at Thursday’s luncheon for campus workers who hold degrees from the University.

Alumni working on campus hear call to leadership roles

UWindsor booster Richard Peddie (BComm 1970, LLD 2001) issued a call to action for employee and retiree graduates at Thursday’s 2014 Campus Alumni Luncheon, sponsored by the Alumni Association.

“The University needs strong leaders and strong champions,” said the retired president of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, the event’s guest speaker. “The joy, pleasure and positive feedback I have received as an alum have far exceeded what I’ve given.”

Peddie extolled the virtues of getting actively involved in promoting a positive image of UWindsor and encouraged those present to find ways to support their alma mater, whether by providing personal mentorship to students, fundraising for scholarships or recruiting future students.

He said UWindsor provided him with a place to engage and grow as a person and empowered him to achieve his dreams and goals. Peddie called on the group to value their UWindsor connection and look for ways to encourage and support future generations of Lancers. He also noted his long friendship and collaboration with Susan Lester, who retires today after a 35-year career at the University, most recently as director of Alumni Affairs.