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Support necessary for women in all fields, says student

When she joins Teresa Piruzza, Ontario Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues, for a roundtable discussion on the economic empowerment of the province’s women Tuesday, Stacey Riddell will ask about support for young women like her.

Discussion questions circulated in advance of the event focused on how to encourage women to pursue opportunities in under-represented fields such as the sciences, engineering, trades and technology.

But Riddell, a master’s student in sociology, asks about support in areas where women are well-represented, like the social sciences.

“Where is the focus on job creation in those areas where women currently do and continue to show strong interest, such as research, education, health, psychology, human resources, et cetera?” she asks. “What is being done to support those opportunities for women?”

The event, 10 to 11:30 a.m. in room 203, Toldo Health Education Centre, is part of a series of Roundtables on Women’s Economic Empowerment organized across the province to mark the 30th anniversary of the Ontario Women’s Directorate. Piruzza wishes to hear from students and faculty about their concerns and ways to increase economic opportunities for women, especially young women.

To help encourage attendance, a draw sponsored by the dean of arts, humanities and social sciences will distribute four $50 certificates for the University Bookstore to UWindsor students present.