"Cycle~"The Noiseborder Ensemble presents an experiment in live audio-visual coding Thursday.

Ensemble to bring multimedia piece to life in real time

A performance by the Noiseborder Ensemble on Thursday will allow audience members to watch the creation of a multimedia piece.

Alumnus Nicolas de Cosson will join professor Brent Lee and students Anthony Giglio and Martin Schiller for “cycle~,” an experiment in live audio-visual coding and improvisation, at 7:30 p.m. February 27 in Lambton Tower’s Studio A.

The artists will create both the raw audiovisual material and the software algorithms to process and link the sounds and images— audience members will have a chance to move around the space as the piece develops, following the development of one algorithm or another, or watching and listening from different vantage points.

The free public event will last about 45 minutes.