Coming to campus? Visit this page for important information.
Joanne Gibbs exhibits a button inviting questions from newcomers to campus.Joanne Gibbs exhibits a button inviting questions from newcomers to campus.

Buttons aid students in identifying eager helpers

The Student Success Centre invites all UWindsor staff and faculty to wear “Ask Me” buttons for the first half of September, making it easier for new students to identify people who can provide them with a welcoming smile, directions or basic campus information.

A key piece of information is the location of the Welcome Tent, says UWindsor Welcome Week organizer Soula Serra.

“Please point our new students or anyone looking for information on activities to the tent, which will be set up in the Student Courtyard between Dillon and Memorial halls,” she says.

The tent is staffed September 2 to 5, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“Ask Me” buttons are white and sport the university’s official logo. To get yours, contact Joanne Gibbs in Student Affairs at She asks that wherever possible, departments coordinate their requests so that all of the buttons can be sent to one contact person for distribution.