flag being raisedProvost Douglas Kneale, campaign co-chair Datta Pillay and United Way CEO Lorraine Goddard watch as UWindsor president Alan Wildeman raises the charity’s flag.

Charity campaign off to a rousing start

There are a lot of needy people around, says Lucy Formicuccia; those in a position to help must extend their support. That’s why she gives to the United Way.

Administrative assistant to the University Librarian, she was one of about 60 UWindsor employees on hand Thursday for a ceremony raising the charity’s flag outside Chrysler Hall in a formal launch of the annual fundraising campaign. But Formicuccia was the only one who left richer than she arrived: she won an extra day’s vacation in a prize draw for attendees.

She said she already knows what she will do with the time.

“I am going to bring my grandson to meet Santa Claus at Somerset Mall,” she said.

UWindsor president Alan Wildeman told those present he was pleased with the turnout, a record for the annual event.

“Anything we can do to help the United Way succeed is for the benefit of people in need in our region,” he said.

United Way works in Windsor-Essex to reduce poverty, support children and families, and build strong communities. Learn more at www.weareunited.com.

Employees will receive an e-mail soon asking them to donate. Those who pledge by November 27 will enter a draw for prizes enumerated on the campaign website.