Adrenaline setStudents get hands-on experience by participating in film productions, like this project dramatizing a house robbery.

Film production class gives students hands-on experience

Students in the “Introduction to Production” class produce their own short films to get hands-on experience working in the field. They start off the semester with in-class learning and by the end experience more practical work.

A group of five of these students worked together Thursday, November 19, to direct a movie, including second-year communications major Samantha Penny, who is responsible for the project’s audio.

She says that although the theory is important to learn, it is also beneficial for students to get on the job experience.

“As much as learning concepts in the classroom is helpful, it really can’t compare to learning for yourself on set,” Penny said. “I think the on-set component is necessary to understand the concepts learned in class.”

The group’s film, Adrenaline, follows the heartbeat of a criminal through the act of robbing a house.

— article and photo by Braunte Petric