Mary MitchellMary Mitchell, a secretary in the Faculty of Law, won a gift card in the “Colour Your Plate” challenge.

Draw winner says challenge encouraged healthy eating

The “Colour Your Plate” challenge appealed to her because of its unique approach to promoting healthy eating, says Mary Mitchell.

“I thought it was a good idea, getting people to increase the different colours of fruits and vegetables to their diets,” she says. “In the process, you can’t help but get a larger variety of nutritious foods.”

Secretary for student services and the dual JD progam in the Faculty of Law, Mitchell won a $50 gift certificate to Remark Fresh Market in a random draw for participants in the program, organized by the Department of Human Resources and the Workplace Wellness Committee.

The challenge ran for four weeks in March, asking employees to track the number and colours of fruits and vegetables they consumed each day. Almost all participants earned a “gold level” rating of more than 100 points.

Mitchell finished with 242 points, and says her secret weapon is her go-to meal of homemade vegetable soup.

“It has a variety of vegetables and changes every week, depending on what you have in the fridge,” she says. She adds thanks to Human Resources for the prize, which she looks forward to using soon.

Even though the challenge has ended, the Workplace Wellness Committee encourages UWindsor faculty and staff to continue placing a spectrum of fruits and vegetables on their plates. Visit the Colour Your Plate website at for information about the health benefits of a colourful diet and suggestions for eating more fruits and vegetables.