workers laying sodWork crews lay sod on the former site of a temporary parking lot north of Macdonald Hall.

Building demolitions to offer opportunities for campus greening

The campus will see the greening of several spaces this summer, as structures make way for grass and trees.

Crews began laying sod Wednesday in what had been a temporary parking lot on the site of the former Cody Hall residence, the first in a series of plantings planned for the summer months, says John Regier, manager of environmental services.

Houses at 2474 University Avenue West and 310 Sunset Avenue, previously home to the Community Legal Aid clinic and human rights offices, respectively, are slated for demolition by the end of June, as is an empty house at 846 Sunset Avenue.

The first two houses were vacated as the law clinic relocated downtown and the Office of Human Rights, Equity and Accessibility moved into Chrysler Hall Tower.

“They will become green spaces,” Regier says. “We will leave the trees on site and turf everything else.”

Two other buildings facing onto the Sunset cul-de-sac, currently occupied by the Psychological Services and Research Centre, will also come down this summer after its move to Riverside Drive. These changes, all part of the Campus Master Plan, will enhance the grounds, says Regier.

“It will really open up this area and mean a lot more green space all along this stretch,” he says. “We are excited to have so much new green space. We’ll start with seeding and probably planting additional trees. Eventually, we’ll be able to add some flower beds and other features.”

Another major addition this summer is a “drop-off zone” on Huron Church Road that will address the need for safe access to the campus.