Mother Mary-Lyn and father James flank first-year computer science student Adam Vandolder.Mother Mary-Lyn and father James flank first-year computer science student Adam Vandolder.

Reception recognizes academic achievements of incoming science students

An invitation to the Dean of Science’s student academic excellence reception made Adam Vandolder feel “appreciated.”

The computer science major earned top grades during his studies at Riverside Secondary School, and was one of 90 first-year students to earn an invitation to Friday’s event.

“It makes me feel that my work is appreciated to be recognized in this way,” Vandolder said as he entered the Ambassador Auditorium for the reception.

Dean Chris Houser said that recognition flows both ways. While the faculty pays tribute to the academic achievements of incoming students, it is earning a reputation for excellence.

“More of the best and brightest students in Ontario are choosing the Faculty of Science,” he said. “It is known locally, nationally and even internationally for the quality of its undergraduate and graduate students.”

Dr. Houser urged attendees to get their hands dirty to develop soft skills outside of the classroom.

“You need to become engaged in extra-curricular activities,” he said, citing opportunities in research, study abroad, community service, internships, and student organizations. “I am making a promise to you to make sure that every student has an opportunity to participate in at least one transformational experience.”

The students and their guests, about 150 people in total, also heard from alumnus Frank Abbruzzese (BComm 1988), president of the technology firm AlphaKor.

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