Lancer fan with face painted blue and goldKnow students who would make good mentors during Welcome Week? Encourage them to join the team!

Student volunteers to take lead role in orientation activities

A new structure to the University’s September welcome week orientation program has opened up volunteer opportunities for student leaders, says organizer Amber Norman, student development specialist in the Student Success Centre.

“Basically, forget everything you know about the dynamics of Welcome Week and what you’ve seen in the past on this campus,” she says. “This year, we are introducing the idea of faculty-based teams that will compete in a number of events new to UWindsor this fall.”

She says that approach has generated a need for student leaders who can act as mentors to the teams.

“Each of these positions is responsible for building a strong, crucial connection with our incoming first-year students,” Norman says. “We are looking for passionate leaders with a sense of pride in their own faculties, students who know their traditions and want to share them with the newbies.”

Volunteers will not need to be in Windsor during the summer, and will receive credit on their co-curricular transcripts for their participation as leaders.

The Student Success Centre has launched a recruitment campaign, and Norman hopes that faculty and staff will join in, encouraging suitable candidates to apply.

“Our renewed Welcome Week program represents a tremendous opportunity to build awareness and engagement within academic units,” she says. “Our leaders not only help incoming students through the initial week, but help them successfully transition to campus life.”

Applicants must be current undergraduate students. Find more information, including an online application survey, at