Exam Buster boxesBoxes filled with tools for stress relief will be distributed on campus today.

Mental health advocates promote study breaks for students

One of the most effective ways to keep on studying is to take breaks, says Ashley Vodarek, mental health and wellness co-ordinator in the Student Counselling Centre.

The Exam Busters project her office is launching today is aimed at relieving end-of-semester stress.

“We’re giving students the excuse to stop, clear their minds and take a moment to refocus their brains,” she says.

The centre is distributing “open in case of exams” boxes filled with tools for stress relief on April 3, 10, and 16.

“You have to take a break to go find one,” Vodarek says. “Look for them around campus in main study areas such as Leddy Library, the CAW Student Centre, and other little nooks and crannies students can be found studying.”

A collaboration with the Mental Health Awareness Group has sticky notes bearing messages of positive affirmation waiting for students needing one in the student centre and the Leddy Library. And Lancer mascot Winston has signed on to provide bundles of wellness, along with a study tip, a laugh, and a compliment.

Find more details about each of these activities on the Exam Busters website.