Leddy LibraryThe Leddy Library will host its inaugural “Human Library” Thursday in celebration of Science Literacy Week.

Check out science students as library resources Thursday

An event Thursday, September 20, in the Leddy Library invites members of the campus community to learn more about science by conversing with doctoral students in several disciplines.

Librarian Roger Reka organized the inaugural “Human Library” in observance of Science Literacy Week, a national celebration of science-based activities to highlight science communicators from coast-to-coast.

“The campus community is invited to ‘check out’ a person the same way you would a book and talk one-on-one with graduate students in chemistry, kinesiology, and biophysics,” Reka says. “Ask them anything about the life of a scientist: what they study, their projects and research interests, their career and how they got there, and more.”

The event runs noon to 2 p.m. in front of the Information Desk in the library’s main lobby.

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