Essex Hall Theatre set for “Stag and Doe”The Essex Hall Theatre set for “Stag and Doe” goes dark, lit only by a single ghost light bulb. Written by Mark Crawford, directed by Marc Bondy (BFA 2000), set design by Nancy Perrin.

Troupe ready, but the show must not go on

The University Players production of Stag and Doe has been cancelled, but preparations were well underway, with cast and crew ready to go into dress rehearsals this weekend.

Set designer Nancy Perrin, University Players staff, and student crews were nearing completion on the retro 1970s community hall kitchen that would have provided a playing space for the wedding-meets-disaster farce. Lines were memorized, posters printed, and costumes had been fitted.

Drama major Erin Callaghan completed costume designs that will go into her portfolio alongside her work as assistant designer on Beauty and the Beast.

Mehjaas Singh, a student of drama and communication, media, and film, has created a video that provides a look into the costume shop and Callaghan’s work. Watch it here: