Connie BeaudoinConnie Beaudoin, secretary to the law librarian, will retire Thursday, July 16.

Colleagues to celebrate retirement of Connie Beaudoin

Friends and colleagues of Connie Beaudoin, secretary to the law librarian, will bid her farewell on her retirement as she closes a campus career of more than 20 years on Thursday, July 16.

Beaudoin joined the University’s staff in 1999 as a receptionist in the Registrar’s Office, moving to the Odette School of Business as faculty secretary in 2005, and finally joining the Paul Martin Law Library in 2013.

Law librarian Annette Demers describes her as an invaluable member of the team since her arrival.

“Connie is a force of nature! She had only been with us for a few months and at the time, even though I had the title of law librarian, I hadn’t moved to that office yet,” Demers recalls. “As I was about to go on vacation, Connie said to me: ‘Remember how I told you that when I get bored, I move furniture around? When were you planning to move over here?’

“When I returned from vacation, my new office was set up and ready for me. She made every detail perfect. Connie brightened my life, and she has ever since!”

Demers says she expects Beaudoin to keep busy with a new grandchild, many crafting projects, and motorcycle adventures with her husband. She invites well-wishers to send notes of congratulation to Beaudoin at

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