The University of Windsor has announced an agreement with TELUS to transform the institution into a 5G connected campus.

TELUS agreement promises 5G campus connectivity

The University of Windsor announced Wednesday an agreement with TELUS to transform the institution into a 5G connected campus. 

A memorandum of understanding will see TELUS conduct analysis and propose upgrades to the University’s wireless network in targeted buildings and properties over the next five years. TELUS will invest in the installation of 5G equipment on campus to promote and support the integration of world-class technology to enhance teaching and research. 

“I’m delighted that our university community will have privileged access to this emerging technology,” said UWindsor Vice-President Research and Innovation, K. Michael Siu. 

“Collaboration with TELUS will not only provide the clear benefits of a 5G connected campus, but it will allow University of Windsor students, faculty, and researchers to participate in the research and development of this technology on campus as it is implemented in the coming years. We see that as an outstanding opportunity for our university.”

 “Our customers enjoy the fastest network in the world today. Beyond lightning-fast speeds, 5G offers a leap in capabilities over today’s 4G networks, including increased capacity, ultra-low latency, network slicing and edge computing. These advancements are the foundation to power new applications serving smart businesses and communities, industrial automation, and digital healthcare,” said Eros Spadotto, Executive Vice President, Technology Strategy and Business Transformation.

 “As both a native of Windsor and a proud alumnus of the Universi​ty of Windsor, I am delighted that TELUS is making this commitment to the region and its future. These partnerships will bring some of the most cutting-edge telecommunications technology available today and in the future to our students, building on our promise to advance higher education and science, and unlocking new ways for technology to improve Canadians’ lives. 5G is critical to the health and competitiveness of our economy.”