Enactus Windsor Hackathon logoStudents will work together to create solutions to social problems this weekend, during Enactus Windsor Hacks.

Competition seeking students’ solutions to social problems

Students from differing disciplines will work together, creating innovative solutions to today’s social problems this weekend, during Enactus Windsor Hacks.

The social-enterprise-themed challenge runs Nov. 6 to 8 and will see teams of two to five post-secondary students compete to develop sound business models that seek to maximize both revenue and benefit to the world’s social or environmental well-being.

Solutions must address problems falling into the scope of one of the specified challenges to compete for a prize:

  1. Best United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Implementation Award
  2. Enactus Windsor Social Enterprise Accelerator
  3. The Best Eco Solution Award
  4. Clean Water Accessibility Challenge
  5. The Healthy Mind Mental Wellness Challenge

Over $2,000 in prizes are available to be won and winning teams have the opportunity for their project to become one of Enactus Windsor’s new projects, benefiting from the club’s implementation, project management, and financial resources.

“Our primary interest is to bring like-minded students together to create innovative solutions for tomorrow,” says faculty advisor Trevor McFadyen from the Odette School of Business. “We’re providing the opportunity to give them the chance to be the change they want to see in their society.”

Successful teams will also earn the chance to compete regionally, nationally, and internationally for prizes.

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