computer screen displaying webinarThe Anti-Black Racism Professional Development Series is designed to enhance understanding about anti-Black racism and how to address it.

Webinars to enhance understanding of anti-Black racism

A collaborative project of the Department of Human Resources and the Office of Human Rights, Equity and Accessibility, the “Anti-Black Racism Professional Development Series” is designed to enhance awareness and understanding about anti-Black racism, how to address it, and how to be an ally.

Organizers intend the webinars to foster dialogue, encourage reflexibility, challenge misconceptions, and leverage the participants’ lived experiences.

Each of the sessions will run 10 a.m. to noon:

  • Understanding Anti-Black Racism – A Foundation, Feb. 24
    This session will provide an overview of the historical and colonial context of anti-Black racism in Canada and its impact on the Black community. It will explore the concepts of whiteness and white privilege and how these are manifested in work, learning, and service environments and contribute to anti-black racism. It will also outline what individuals can do to take action against anti-Black racism.
    Facilitator: Adam Benn, manager, human rights, equity, and diversity; Humber College.
  • Acknowledging and Challenging Unconscious Bias and Microaggressions, March 16
    This session will explore unconscious bias — also referred to as implicit bias — and microaggressions. It will describe how these biases are formed and the ways in which they impact individuals of African descent. It will also highlight how to recognize and challenge our own biases and reframe our way of thinking to provide an exceptional and inclusive service experience to all.
    Facilitator: Darrell Bowden, executive director, Office of the Vice-President, Equity, and Community Inclusion; Ryerson University.
  • Building Awareness of Black Heritage in Windsor-Essex, April 15
    This session will enhance participants' knowledge and understanding of the rich heritage of Black communities and individuals in Windsor and Essex County. Key contributions of people of African descent along with individual and collective efforts to resist anti-Black racism will be highlighted. Commonly held myths regarding Black history in the region will also be dispelled.
    Facilitator: Irene Moore Davis (BA 1993), president, Essex County Black Historical Research Society.
  • Understanding Whiteness, Privilege, and Being an Active Ally, May 19
    This session will explore the concepts of whiteness and privilege, how these get manifested and how they contribute to anti-Black racism. It will also highlight what it means to be an ally working against anti-Black racism and explore strategies and approaches to challenge racism and make our campus more respectful and equitable for all people.
    Facilitator: Jodie Glean, director, Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office, University of Toronto.

Registrants will receive by email a link to join each webinar. Sign up on the Professional Development website.

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