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floor tiles spelling out "One Step Forward"A tip from Human Resources suggests ways to keep calm and carry on.

Human Resources shares tips to keep calm

Do you ever find yourself mindlessly clicking a retractable pen for minutes at a time, or frantically scrolling through documents without even really reading them?

In a message sent Monday to UWindsor staff and faculty, Human Resources offers tips that can help provide some calm and clarity when you’re feeling overwhelmed:

  • Clean up your immediate surroundings. Tidying the area around you restores order to a little corner of your universe and allows you to move forward.
  • Focus on one task at a time. Constantly shifting our attention from one task to another can be draining. Single tasking can help us enhance focus.
  • Unload your thoughts. Keep a sticky note next to you and jot down your impulses as you have them. Unloading the thought can be enough to vanquish it.
  • Rethink your to-do list. Chunk like items together to make a long list more cohesive and efficient.
  • Accept what you cannot control. Uncertainty and uncontrollability are part of life; focus your energy on the things that you can control.

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