subjects of Voices in Undergraduate Research Experience profilesThe Voices in Undergraduate Research Experience project will showcase undergraduate researchers.

Project seeking to celebrate undergraduate research

Organizers of an effort to showcase UWindsor undergrads engaged in research or creative projects are seeking subjects.

By presenting the work of students from diverse backgrounds to students, the Voices in Undergraduate Research Experience (VURE) team hopes to inspire future and current students to get involved with undergraduate research.

“UWindsor has built the kind of infrastructure that empowers students to engage in bodies of knowledge, research networks, and creative communities,” says Tim Brunet, co-ordinator of the Outstanding Scholars and leadership programs in the Student Success and Leadership Centre. “VURE provides us the opportunity to begin sharing that excellence among student peer networks.”

The University boasts undergraduates conducting research as volunteers, within their courses, and in positions paid as work-study or through grants, notes Carol Adu-Bobie, a VURE student co-ordinator.

“We want students to know about the variety of opportunities to participate in research. Outstanding Scholars is a fantastic program but is not the only pathway,” she says. “We hope that by presenting different avenues of research more students from diverse backgrounds can see themselves getting involved.”

Students share their work through such venues as the UWill Discover conference, which brings together student presenters from across campus, and the portal, which offers a potentially world-wide reach.

The VURE team is looking for undergraduate researchers willing to be showcased, especially those who come from marginalized communities. Fill out the online form to indicate an interest.

Members also invite instructors to bring this opportunity to the attention of any appropriate student. To stay connected with the VURE team, follow it on Instagram @vureuwindsor.

—Anumita Jain

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