“Broken Promises” posterThe Windsor Law chapter of Amnesty International will host a screening of the documentary “Broken Promises” Friday, March 18.

Film screening to mark World Water Day

Water walkers are Indigenous women who relay open vessels of water over great distances to bring awareness to endangered streams, rivers, and lakes. Tasha Beeds, Ron Ianni Scholar in the Faculty of Law, will discuss the practice in an event Friday, March 18, marking World Water Day.

Dr. Beeds lectures for the Indigenous Legal Orders Institute and is a professor in Indigenous Studies at the University of Sudbury.

Her presentation will be followed by a screening of Broken Promises — an investigation into water quality issues in First Nations communities. The documentary is produced by students in the University of Regina School of Journalism with research contributions from students at First Nations University of Canada.

The event is presented by the Windsor Law chapter of Amnesty International and will run 5 to 8 p.m. at the Green Bean Café, 2320 Wyandotte Street West. Register here to attend in person or online. Ticket proceeds will benefit organizations and activists addressing water challenges in Indigenous communities, including Water First.

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