Sandra Ondracka, Vincent GeorgieLancer Recreation co-ordinator Sandra Ondracka discusses programming plans for the Lancer Centre with Vincent Georgie in a video update on the project’s construction.

Array of activities envisioned for Lancer Centre

“We can’t wait” to welcome visitors to the Lancer Centre, alumna Sandra Ondracka (BHK 1985, B.Ed 1992) tells Vincent Georgie, UWindsor acting associate vice-president, external, in a video on the construction of the south campus facility.

“We are so excited to offer an array of activities to allow everyone, regardless of ability, background, identity, to participate in recreation,” says Ondracka. “In our pool, in our fitness spaces, in our intramural leagues, and definitely just from a social perspective, coming here and hanging out and meeting people.”

She notes that the building’s increased capacity and modern amenities will allow for diverse programs aimed at the campus community and residents of Windsor-Essex.

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