map of world indicating connectionsThe hiring of 12 new faculty and librarian positions for Black-identifying scholars has piqued global interest.

Black Studies Institute looking to attract top global talent in ongoing hiring initiative

The recruitment team overseeing the hiring of 12 new faculty and librarian positions for Black-identifying scholars has received an outpouring of support since November’s announcement of the launch of the University’s new Black Studies Institute.

To date, over 140 applications have been received across a variety of disciplines. The hiring initiative has piqued global interest, with applications and inquiries coming in from across the Americas and the Caribbean, Africa, the U.K., Europe, and Australia.

Daniella Beaulieu, senior executive officer for equity, diversity and inclusion strategic initiatives, says that the response from applicants has been outstanding. She is confident that the response is indicative of future success for the new institute.

“People are reaching out not just to apply, but to share their excitement about the initiative and Dr. Natalie Delia Deckard’s leadership. We are thrilled that the University of Windsor is being recognized for putting words into action and look forward to reviewing the candidates for the 12 new positions,” says Beaulieu.

Once hired, the new faculty and library positions will join existing Black-identifying faculty and staff at UWindsor to contribute to the foundation of the new Black Studies Institute (BSI) which will launch in Fall 2023.

With interest coming from across the globe, Richard Douglass-Chin, a longstanding UWindsor faculty member, is keen to welcome new faculty and staff who work outside the box of traditional academic thinking.

“One of the aims of the BSI is to attract Black faculty in disciplines with traditionally low Black leadership-representation in the West —for example, theatre arts and the STEM fields,” Dr. Douglass-Chin says. “The BSI is also looking for faculty with a truly global outlook, imperative for success in navigating the new frontiers and challenges of the 21st century. These are the kinds of people who will form the cutting edge of change in every institution, in every generation.”

Black scholars, librarians, and artists with experience and expertise in various disciplines are encouraged to apply on or before Tuesday, Jan. 10. Interested applicants can view the full job posting at Black Scholars’ Hiring Initiative for more information or contact the Recruitment Initiative at to request an application package before the closing date.