Carley ReynoldsWindsor Law alumna Carley Reynolds is spearheading the development of a tool providing understanding of criminal law.

Tool to help secure access to justice

In a world where legal complexities remain a barrier for individuals seeking justice, Windsor Law alumna Carley Reynolds (JD 2019) is helping devise a solution to bridge the gap between the layperson and the intricacies of the criminal justice system.

Reynolds is spearheading the development of LawNewbie, a free research tool designed to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of criminal law comparable to that of a second-year law student.

An associate with the firm Donich Law, Reynolds manages a team of law students who assist with legal research and writing related to the program.

“Many of my classes at Windsor touched on issues of access to justice, which I think is important for new lawyers to be aware of,” she says. “LawNewbie allows an individual to type a legal question into the search engine and be given an answer to that question, instantly.”

Reynolds notes that the program was written and reviewed by lawyers, so the information can be trusted.

“While the program does not replace hiring a lawyer, it can allow individuals to have a better understanding of their legal issue which can better assist them in choosing the right lawyer,” she says.

The tool’s database covers elements of rights and procedure, sentencing, evidence, offences and defences. Learn more on the Donich Law website.

—Dalia Mazhar

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