Jordan SmithFlute instructor Jordan Smith will perform a faculty recital March 23 at the SoCA Armouries.

Recital to display instrumental connection

When faculty complete research projects, they may write a paper or make a presentation. When faculty in the arts complete creative projects, they present an exhibition or perform a recital.

Jordan Smith, a flute instructor in the School of Creative Arts, will demonstrate the evolution of his musical prowess in a recital “Resonance in Retrospect” on Saturday, March 23.

The program is carefully curated, featuring pieces by diverse composers, each contributing to Smith’s growth and musical narrative.

“We begin with Michael Colquhoun's Charanga, setting the stage for inspiration. His work serves as a springboard, igniting the flame of creativity and pushing the boundaries of artistry,” Smith writes in his program notes. “The addition of Earth by Takatsugu Muramatsu enriches the recital with its evocative themes. Muramatsu’s composition becomes a tribute to the connection between music and nature, inviting the audience to explore the organic beauty of sound.”

The full program includes Fani Imén by Valerie Coleman, Acht Stücke for solo flute by Paul Hindemith, Sachamama for flute and electronics by Anne LeBaron, and Sonatina for flute and piano by Eldin Burton.

“These expressive melodies and lyrical beauty encapsulate the profound connection I’ve cultivated with the flute,” says Smith.

“Resonance in Retrospect” will feature Smith on flute accompanied by pianist Lorna Cameron-Price at 7:30 p.m. Saturday in the Performance Hall, SoCA Armouries, 37 University Ave. East. Tickets are $20, $10 for students, available online or at the door. Payment at the door must be by card only — cash cannot be accepted.

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