UWindsor employees to be asked about parking preferences

A questionnaire to be distributed this month will ask all UWindsor employees to indicate the location of their preferred parking, with responses to determine spots for all permit-holders.

The new parking garage will open by September. The parking garage has two entrances/exits, one on each of California and Sunset avenues, to ensure efficient movement in and out. The garage has unimpeded sight lines to ensure security along with surveillance cameras, emergency phone system, and bright lighting. Both Campus Community Police and Parking Services will be housed in the new Integrated Parking and Innovation Centre.

The opening of the garage and the closure of Sunset Avenue has resulted in the closure of several surface parking lots. This transformation of the parking system on campus has prompted the reorganization of all permits for faculty and staff, says Anna Kirby, executive director of Campus Services.

As a result of closing Sunset Avenue and to ensure the safety of pedestrians, the following existing lots are scheduled to close prior to the opening of the garage:

  • Lot K - west side of Sunset between Wyandotte and Fanchette
  • Lot W - east side of Sunset between Wyandotte and Fanchette (except for spaces adjacent to the Medical Education Building)
  • Lot L - east side of Sunset between Wyandotte and Fanchette
  • Lot D - northwest corner of Sunset and Wyandotte
  • Lot T - west side of Sunset south of the Music Building
  • Lot O - Maintenance Building parking lot south of Union Street

Under a transition plan developed by the Parking Operations Sub-committee, which includes faculty and staff representation from areas across campus, all parking assignments will be allocated based on the employee’s seniority using their University Continuous Service Date and lot preference.

“Launching the new parking structure will allow us to close seven parking lots, including the temporary lot on the old Cody site,” says Kirby. “Faculty and staff holding permits for lots that are not directly affected are also expected to complete the questionnaire to ensure that all individuals’ preferences are considered. Best efforts will be made to accommodate each person's request.”

The committee plans to distribute the questionnaire shortly, asking employees to rank their parking lot preferences. Parking assignments will be announced by the spring to take effect in September. Kirby hopes that employees who do not wish to purchase campus parking will still respond to the invitation to confirm that they will not require a parking assignment.

“That way, we can measure the demand and balance the needs of staff and faculty with those of students,” she says.

Those who respond within the two-week deadline will have the first opportunity at preferred lots; late respondents will be assigned spots based on the remaining availability.

The questionnaire will go to all employee UWindsor e-mail accounts in the next few weeks; a printed version will be provided to staff that do not have access to a UWindsor e-mail account.