System provides an inventory of asbestos on campus

A web-based inventory of asbestos on campus will provide the community with access to information about the University’s work and study environment.

The electronic asbestos inventory is an improvement to the previous paper-based system, says Dan Castellan, manager of facility planning, renovations and construction in Facility Services.

“This automated version is easier to update and makes all the information much easier to access,” he says. “That accessibility is important to help faculty, staff and students appreciate our efforts to ensure their safety.”

Castellan notes that under provincial regulations, the University is required to have a management program which includes regular inspections, training and informing building occupants and workers about potential asbestos hazards in its buildings.

The database will be kept up to date by yearly inspections which will include the areas where asbestos has been removed.

Castellan emphasizes that the mere presence of asbestos in a building does not constitute a health risk.

“Asbestos fibres are only a concern when they become airborne as a result of uncontrolled disturbance,” he says. “Materials that are in good condition, undisturbed and well-managed will not release asbestos fibres into the air.”

The inventory is the result of a survey of campus buildings conducted by Pinchin Environmental. It is accessible through the Facility Services website.