Nickolas EavesMechanical engineering professor Nickolas Eaves will offer real talk on synthetic fuels Thursday, Sept. 23.

Engineering prof to be featured on popular Canadian podcast

Nickolas Eaves has been invited to share his expertise on synthetic fuels on one of Canada’s most listened to daily news podcasts.

Dr. Eaves, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering, will join Real Talk at 11 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 23, to discuss the emergence of synthetic fuels, how they work, and their effect on vehicle function and performance.

The show’s recent guests include federal leaders Justin Trudeau of the Liberals and Jagmeet Singh of the New Democrats.

Eaves will be joined by panelists Andrew Bell, director of the Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta, and Paul Horrell, a columnist for Top Gear Magazine’s Future Proof.

The interview by show host Ryan Jespersen will be streamed live on camera and is available on YouTube and Apple Podcasts.

You can also follow or take part in the on-going audience conversation with the hashtag #RealTalkRJ on Twitter and the host’s accounts @RealTalkRJ and @ryanjespersen.