Vinay SarafAn internship turned into a job offer from Canada’s largest telecommunications company for Master of Applied Computing student Vinay Saraf.

Internship opportunities open doors, says experiential learner

Vinay Saraf has some advice for students seeking work experiences like the internship he served over the winter semester at Bell Canada.

“I would suggest that they learn the new technologies as employers would like to see how fast you adapt,” says the Master of Applied Computing student. “Students should develop the skills by doing projects at university by working with professors in requirement gathering, analysis, design, deployment and testing phase.”

The company, Canada’s largest telecommunications firm, offered Saraf a full-time permanent position after he completed his internship, which focused on supporting new financial reporting standards in revenue accounting.

Johanna Beneteau, internship co-ordinator for the Master of Applied Computing program, says job-seekers should connect their schoolwork to marketable skills.

“In preparing students for their job search, we encourage them to include projects on their resumes and to highlight their work through GitHub links,” she says.

Saraf his internship provided a valuable education in office culture.

“My experience helped prepare me for the real world by not only developing my technical knowledge, but also understanding the business,” he says. “It tested my analytic, reasoning and problem-solving skills.”

He says students hoping for a similar role should improve such soft skills as communication, positive attitude, time management, and self-confidence.

“Before an interview, they should do the proper homework about the organization and the business,” Saraf says. “Finally, they should represent themselves in such a way that they will be a great asset to a company’s growth.”

Professor Arunita Jaekel says the Master of Applied Computing program is growing in popularity with potential students and high-profile employers in information technologies.

“Its emphasis on experiential learning combines classroom theory with high-demand IT skills,” she says. “This is a win-win for both students and employers.”

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